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                                          ABOUT OUR ADULT PROGRAM

Our classes are structured with the following goals in mind:  Enhancing physical fitness, maintaining motivation, teaching self-defense, increasing discipline, confidence as well as concentration, improving relaxation, and reducing stress.

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Classes are designed to enhance the following:
1.  Weight loss and increased aerobic capacity:  Classes provide cardio workouts as Tae Kwon Do integrates backward, forward, lateral motions, and jumping with its dynamic blocks, punches, and kicks.
2.  Improved muscular tone and strength:  Kicking techniques strengthen and tone leg muscles (calves, quadracepts, hamstrings, and buttocks).  Kicking, together with specific abdominal exercises, will also improve stomach muscles.  Blocking and striking techniques will strengthen and tone arm, chest, shoulder, and back muscles.  For Intermediate students, grappling will not only improve strengh and conditioning, but will also increase total body flexibility.

Everyone can benefit from learning self-defense.  Tae Kwon Do students learn ways to use their unarmed bodies as weapons.  They will also develop two qualities crucial in defending themselves:  self-confidence and an awareness of their bodies in order to use them effectively.

Maintaining Motivation
People quit health clubs because they have no way to gauge improvement.  At C.W. Tae Kwon Do, promotion tests will be conducted on a regular basis to monitor the students' progress.  A successful test will result in a higher rank.

C.W. Tae Kwon Do Family
Students will become part of a network of people striving toward common goals.  C.W. Tae Kwon Do instructors are committed to improving student's physical fitness, maintaining their motivation, and teaching effectively.

Improved Relaxation, Reduce Stress
Students will not only become physically fit and learn self-defense, but also learn to relax and cope with stress through relaxation exercises, visualization training, and meditation.