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The ages specified for the classes below can be flexible, depending on your schedule.  We will discuss the schedule that best suits you and your child during your first meeting with us.
We understand that the first impression in martial arts instruction is important to a child's journey into the martial arts world.  The age breakdown below allows us to provide safe and appropriate instruction to create a good first impression for your child.


Youth - Absolute Beginner (white belt)

Age 6 to 13        
Thurs      5:30-6:45 pm

                           Sat                                            10:00-11:15 am

Each class will be taught with step-by-step instruction and a lot of positive personal feedback appropriate for students of this age bracket.  

Youth - Yellow to black belt
Upon attaining the rank of green belt, we recommend that you upgrade your membership to the Deluxe program in order to attend more classes, especially sparring and grappling classes. Older students who are advanced ranks (red belts and up) may also start attending adult classes upon the instructor's permission.  

Mon, Wed, Thurs                       5:30-6:45 pm
                             Sat                                         10:00-11:15 am